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The Magic of Anthony Cap

Anthony Capozoli performing magic

A Show for All Occasions

Get more out of your upcoming children's birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events and more. Show your family, clients or employees how important they are to you and make this year's event one they'll never forget! Anthony will work with you to tailor the show to your event, ensuring you and your guests the best possible experience. Whatever you need for your next event, Anthony can provide. Below is just a small example of the types of shows Anthony can provide.

Walkaround Magic

Walk-a-round magic is the most popular of all shows. Also known as street magic, mingle magic, or strolling magic. It is ideal for restaurants, corporate events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs or any other event where guests will be gathered in a specific area, seated or standing. Anthony will work out of his pockets and with items borrowed from your guests, performing magic close-up for small clusters of people at a time. It's an excitingly unique and devastating form of magical entertainment that will leave your guests speechless. It allows everyone to see magic literally right before their eyes. $100 bills appear from nowhere, playing cards change in the blink of an eye! Your guests will be amazed as Anthony delights with world-class sleight of hand ability, sense of humor and charm. This is the perfect icebreaker to stimulate conversation amongst your guests, and helps set the tone for the evening.

Parlor Show Magic

The Parlor Magic Show is a thirty minute performance custom designed for today's sophisticated audiences: demonstrating uncanny mind reading abilities and expert sleight of hand. This fun, upbeat show is excellent for a lounge or cabaret type of setting, and adds a classy and modern flair to your event. Actively involving the audience throughout the performance, YOU become the true stars of the show, as Anthony unlocks the hidden magic inside each and every one of you! This show can be custom tailored to your audience and event, and will leave everyone mystified!

Children's or Family Magic Show

A fantastically funny show designed for children, but fun for all ages! Anthony delivers a hilarious, 45 minute performance perfect for birthday parties, schools, or any youth or family oriented event! This show can be adapted to any age range or even for a family audience. The magic is colorful, uplifting, high-energy, and interactive.

Motivational Magic Performance

The Motivational Magic Performance is a style of magic exclusive to Anthony. Anthony combines his pristine skill of magic with his degree in Marketing and Operations management to encourage your audience and get across your message. Whether it is hosting a private event, or promoting your new product; Anthony will deliver your message with clarity and excitement.

Please call Anthony at 516-850-1858 or contact him to inquire about this unforgettable performance.